Take practice as a battle, and build a strong line of defense during the flood season! Yunsheng Inte

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The flood season of 2021 has come. In order to comprehensively improve the ability to deal with flood disasters, we will effectively prepare for flood fighting and emergency rescue, strengthen the rapid response and coordinated combat capabilities of various departments, and ensure the safety of people's lives and property during the flood season. On the afternoon of June 7, the Management Center of Binhai New Area Emergency Management Bureau organized the "2021 Binhai New Area Tidal and Flood Emergency Drill". Tianjin I-KINGTEC Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as I-KINGTEC) and the District Flood Control Office and the District Military Department , Eco-City Management Committee, Binhai Fire Brigade Eco-City Brigade, Tianjin Public Security Bureau Coastal Security Corps, District 120 Emergency Center, Traffic Police Brigade, Binhai Blue Sky Rescue Team, etc. 14 units participated in this exercise, with a scale of about 100 people.

  I-KINGTEC participated in this exercise

The tide and flood emergency drill in the Binhai New Area is mainly divided into two points A (Central Fishing Port Shugang Road) and B (Shimao Qiyun Bay Coastal Beach) to conduct an overall on-site drill. I-KINGTEC actively responds to the overall planning of the new area and dispatches its independent research and development. The fully autonomous, high-frequency, and normal operation of the "killer whale and tiger's den" fully autonomous drone inspection system (the system mainly includes the killer whale industrial drone and the tiger's cave mobile fully automatic airport) to cooperate with this damp-proof emergency drill , Provided effective rescue support for this exercise, such as live broadcast, on-site search, precise positioning, high-altitude shouting, and alienation of tourists.

  Killer whale drone takeoff operations

During the emergency drill at point A (Shugang Road, Central Fishing Port), I-KINGTEC launched the "2+ mode" for drone on-site aerial inspections. One group set off from the company and the other set off from the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city to the center. In the fishing port and Shugang Road, the killer whale industrial drone, with its own advantages such as fast speed and high maneuverability, flew to the disaster site as soon as possible before the Tiger’s Nest mobile fully automatic airport. , Large-scale shooting, real-time transmission of on-site information in time, and back to the general headquarters of the Binhai New Area Emergency Bureau, which not only provides important information and data support for the headquarters to conduct disaster research and judgment and rescue work deployment, but also replace search personnel to go deep into danger The location reduces rescue risks and protects the personal safety of rescuers.

Live screen live broadcast throughout

UAVs are equipped with diverse sensors and can also work in coordination with multiple drones. After operating at point A (Shugang Road, Central Fishing Port), the two groups of UAVs will go directly to point B (Shimao Qiyun Bay Coastal Beach) through the Huxue mobile fully automatic airport for automatic power exchange, equipped with high-altitude megaphones. , The 30x optical zoom pod implements unmanned and autonomous flight throughout the mission at point B, guides and guides the masses to evacuate the scenic area safely and orderly according to the guided route, and quickly searches for persons falling into the water on the sea, and locks and broadcasts the details of the trapped persons in time Coordinates to guide the fire rescue team and the blue sky rescue team to quickly rescue the people who fell into the water.

  High-altitude propaganda

 Guide the rescue team to quickly rescue the people who fell into the water

In recent years, I-KINGTEC has conducted in-depth cooperation with the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City Emergency Bureau on emergency response to provide air emergency protection, realize comprehensive management such as pre-warning, command during the incident, and post-event evaluation, and establish a low-altitude emergency rescue system to help The Binhai New Area has comprehensively improved the low-altitude emergency management capabilities and emergency handling efficiency.

  Cold storage inspection

In the fight against the epidemic in 2020, especially when the cold chain epidemic broke out, I-KINGTEC actively responded to the mission needs of the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City Emergency Bureau, and carried out 400 takeoffs and landings for up to 25 days in six important epidemic areas including Hailian Cold Storage. Multiple flight missions have completed more than 8,600 minutes of systematic monitoring. Through drone low-altitude inspections, high-altitude monitoring of unsupervised equipment in the factory is carried out to prevent fires.

  Live screen live broadcast throughout

   Scenic Spot Survey

During the Golden Weeks of November and May 1st, ensure the safe operation of major scenic spots. For major attractions such as the National Oceanic Museum, Mazu Temple, Aircraft Carrier Theme Park, Fantawild Paradise, Nandi Coast, Ligao Beach, Langhua Art Beach, etc. The scenic coastline and the marine environment monitoring of the new area provide strong air support.

 Inspection of major scenic spots in Binhai New Area

   Seawall patrol

Personal safety is an important part of the patrol. It is to prevent tourists from going into the water, fishing and other dangerous behaviors to make calls to drive away, and to keep tourists away from sea dikes, sea entrances and other dangerous areas.

Seawall patrol

At the same time, I-KINGTEC has also jointly carried out social welfare rescue with the Blue Sky Rescue Team on many occasions, rushed to the rescue site as soon as possible, and actively assisted the Blue Sky Rescue Team to participate in various rescue activities to protect the blue sky of life!