Company Profile

I-KINGTEC Co., Ltd, a national high-tech enterprise with Artificial Intelligence (AI) as core, through taking four-dimensional real-world maps, industrial drones, ground robots, automated “airports” and IoT cloud platforms as carriers, combining with multiple sensors, provides “drone-network-cloud” systematic solutions for industrial users and space-earth four-dimensional holographic control platform for multi-fields such as smart grid, oil and gas pipeline network, emergency management, smart city, etc.

Mission: Use four-dimensional technology to improve the efficiency of production and life, and to relieve the miseries of the masses.

Vision: Ultra low altitude   Space-earth integrated service provider

Core Values: Customer obsession, Integrity, Preciseness, Perfection, Innovation, Passion

Intellectual Property

As of July 2021, I-KINGTEC has applied for more than 200 national technology patents, including: invention patents, innovation patents, appearance patents, software copyrights

Company honor and history


·Completed nearly 180 million B-round financing
· Shortlisted in “2020 China’s Top 100 Technological Innovations”
· Honored as a “Top100 New infrastructure industry unicorn”
· Awarded as “20 Robot-CoolVenders with the Most Commercial Potential in China, 2020”


· Participated in the International Fire Fighting Equipment Technology Exchange Exhibition and cooperated with Sany Heavy Industry to release the fire-fighting “Orca-Tiger Den” air emergency management and inspection system
· Won the gold medal of the 5th China “Internet+” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition
· Founder Chen Fangping was granted as “Pioneer of Science and Technology Entrepreneurship” provided by China Association for Science and Technology
· I-KINGTEC was interviewed by CCTV Focus Interview


· I-KINGTEC was invited to participate in the World Security Conference
· Completed the second generation of “Orca-Tiger Den” Series, and finished high-volume customer delivery
· Established I-KINGTEC Flight Center in Tianjin


· Completed tens of millions Pre-A financing
· Selected as a candidate of Beijing Science and Technology SMEs Promotion Project
· Awarded as “Zhongguancun High-tech Enterprise”
· Became a member of AI Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance

Application Fields

Electric power

  • Transmission
  • Substation
  • Distribution
  • Renewable energy generation (REG)

Oil and gas

  • Oil and gas field
  • Oil pipeline


  • Park fire protection
  • Factory fire protection

Smart city

  • Factory inspection
  • Logistics services
  • Port inspection
  • Smart transportation

Mine inspection

    Smart park