Space-earth integrated service provider

I-KINGTEC defines a new concept for the ultra-low-altitude area from the earth surface to the 500-meter-height in the sky. Through constructing a four-dimensional digital-twin world, setting up a fully independent product system with a point-line-surface gridding mode and combining the advanced technologies containing IoT, AI and big data, I-KINGTEC can provide a “machine-network-cloud” integrated system solution for industry-level users, make the data collecting and processing independently in industry scenarios, and provide a strong guarantee for safe production.

Four-dimensional intelligent surface layer

Construct a three-dimensional digital-twin world that mirrors the real world. Through periodic model self-renewal, to realize

Infrastructure layer

Innovatively propose a new type of fully automatic airport with basic settings. Through combining with the devices such as fully autonomous drones and robots, to help

Data perception layer

The product system can be equipped with multi-sensor to perceive data. Combining with the IoT, it can build a space-earth integrated three-dimensional IoT system.

Wisdom core

Through adopting the “end-side and cloud-fog” integrated AI intelligent computing and combining with the big data statistics, to realize the autonomous processing of perceived data.